English learners comprise a growing population of students across the country. Effectively serving English learners requires qualified educators, evidence-based instruction, and policies and practices to monitor student progress and adapt instruction accordingly. Research indicates that MTSS can support English learners’ language and literacy development, especially in early grades. When implementing MTSS, school leaders should consider the following guiding questions:

  • Who are English learners in our school? What is their educational and linguistic background?
  • What are unique considerations and important factors to understand about English learners to determine instruction and intervention?
  • What progress monitoring tools are appropriate for English learners? Can existing tools be adapted for English learners?
  • What evidence-based interventions and instructional tools are available to support English learners?

English learner specialists at AIR provide valuable technical assistance and professional development to help states and districts understand and implement evidence-based practices to improve instruction and learning for English learners within MTSS.